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1 Year Anniversary + New Arrivals – 3DO Top Loader – TMNT Turtles in Time SNES

Recently, our friend Dan, the guy responsible for the mural and anything with our name that looks brilliant, decided to use the store as the topic for his graphic design final. While taking dozens of pictures he asked us what we wanted to tell people about Game Changers. How will we beat our competition? Is it lower prices? Carrying retro games & collectibles? Better trade in value? I’ve been asked those questions hundreds of times over the last year. And every time, I was caught off guard and gave a short nothing of an answer. Truthfully, I’ve always wanted to ask, “Do you like the store? If so, why?” That’s the answer that matters. Yours. Not mine. Not Phatty’s. The greatest variable of our store is the gaming community. Every day, everyone that walks through our door is happy to talk about video games. The day Pokemon X & Y was released, a couple huge fans came in just to hang out and play the game. That’s one of their answers. If you’ve ever bumped into a display case because you were staring at the ceiling, that’s one of the answers, too. Phatty and I just wanna talk about video games and have fun. And having fun means making it up as we go. We’re like the Mythbusters. We know more than average, but not enough to be experts. And to learn, we experiment and occasionally blow stuff up. It’s fun. It’s ambitious. Ambition is a good thing. Over reaching is a good thing. And a vision of your neighborhood video game store other than exclusive pre order super bonus costume dlcs and repetitive in your face advertising, is a good thing. We’re just trying to do good.

The past 12 months have been incredible. And we’d like to thank everyone that’s been a part of our beginning. Before we opened I though that if the store didn’t make it, it would be the biggest failure of my life. Now I know that no matter the future, we will never look back on this time as a failure. Thank you.


The first 50 people this Saturday, Sunday, too if there are still bags left, will receive a free gift bag. There will be games, posters, consoles, perler beads, gift certificates, and one lucky person will win the Playstation 3 that’s pictured above.

New Arrivals

2013-11-26_14-33-24_106Top Loader Panasonic 3DO


Turtles in Time – SNES


Bionic Commando

Back To The Future

Burger Time


Karate Kid


Donkey Kong 64


Black & Blue Nintendo DSi

Black & Rose Chrome Nintendo DS Lite

Last Black Friday Update – 3DO Console & Games – Bomberman 64 The Second Attack – Metroid DS

This is our final Black Friday update. From 9am through 11am, we will not be excepting trade ins. You can absolutely use store credit for anything, but we are expecting to be very busy and trade ins would slow everything down too much. Some time next week we will announce some of the free prizes for our anniversary weekend. Lastly, we will be closed for Thanksgiving.

Black Friday 9am – 11am Sales

All Boxed Nintendo Home Consoles – $20 off

Pokemon Table – $20 off

PS Vita Assassins’ Creed System – $30 off

Halo Helmet (2 available) – $20 off

PSP Games – Buy 1 Get 1 of = or < Value Free

Boxed Colecovision Console – $20 off

Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass Standee – $60

PS1 & PS2 Games (Excluding Display Case) – Buy 1 Get 1 of = or < Value Free

’89 Nintendo Chest – $75

New Zeus Gaming Chair – $45

All Black Friday sales while supplies last. No rainchecks





Panasonic 3DO

Cannon Fodder

Digital Dreamware

Family Feud

Also, about a dozen 3DO disc only games came in.


Bomberman 64 The Second Attack!


Nintendo DS Metroid Edition

Pokemon Ruby

Uncharted – PS Vita

Adventure Time – 3DS


Nintendo NES

Tecmo Super Bowl

Miracle Piano

Monster Party

River City Ransom

Totally Rad

Rad Gravity

Master Blaster

Bad Dudes

SNES Games that I forgot to take a picture of – Super Mario Kart & Donkey Kong Country 2


Sega Saturn

Clockwork Knight


Baku Baku

Road Rash


Alien Trilogy

NBA Jam Extreme Edition

Crime Wave

Bust – A – Move 2


Fall Out New Vegas Ultimate Edition – Xbox 360

Twisted Metal

Call of Duty Black Ops 2



Gradius V CIB

Sheep Raider

Final Fantasy IX

Mario Party 1 & 2 – General Chaos CIB – Game Boy Games – Black Friday Update

Just a quick post of some awesomeness that came in yesterday. Also, we’ve added another all day sale for Black Friday.

All Nintendo NES games in the dump table – Buy 2 Get 1 of = or < Value Free


Nintendo 64

Mario Party

Mario Party 2

Vigilante 8 2


Sega Genesis

General Chaos

Light Crusader

Dungeons & Dragons Warriors of the Eternal Sun

The Revenge of Shinobi

Thunder Force II


Black DS Lite System

Game Boy

Mega Man

Mega Man II

Contra Alien Wars



Dr. Mario

Pac Man


Playstation 2

Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter

Dark Angel Vampire Apocalypse

Shadow of Destiny

Shadow of Rome

Half Life


Nintendo stickers are restocked


Many new pins – Pokemon, Mega Man, Zelda, Mario, Contra, Pac Man, Sonic

Bubble Bobble, Kirby, Metroid, Ninja Gaiden

Black Friday Sale Update – Digimon Rumble Arena 2 GC – Commodore 64 CIB – The Avengers Gaming Chair – Pokemon X

Assuming that tonight’s wind doesn’t blow the store away, we’ll be having two sets of sales for Black Friday. There will be several sales that last all day and several early bird sales from 9am – 11am. (I was happy to hear so many people agree that 9am was the right amount of early.) We’ll announce the all day sales tonight, and the early bird sales next week Sunday. Lastly, it was a busy weekend at the shop. Check out some new arrivals.


Black Friday All Day Sales

All Steering Wheels, Arcade Sticks, Flight Sticks, Joysticks and any other sticks we have around – Half Off

Pokemon Watches – $1.00

Vidpro Store Display Cards (Excluding Pokemon Yellow GBC) – Half Off

Bookcase Strategy Guides / Walkthroughs / Comics / Books / Manga – Half Off

Blue Container Loose PS1 & PS2 Games – Buy 2 Get 1 of = or < Value Free

Boxed Atari / Intellivision Games – Buy 2 Get 1 of = or < Value Free

Loose Atari / Intellivision / Colecovision Games (Excluding Display Case) – Buy 1 Get 1 of = or < Value Free


Digimon Rumble Arena 2 – Nintendo Gamecube


Pokemon X

Pokemon White 2

Pokemon Black

Pokemon Ruby

New Super Mario Bros 2

Mario & Luigi’s Dream Team

Super Mario Land 3D

Super Mario Bros 3 GBA


We have 4 Pokemon timeline posters.


Mario / Luigi Wii Motion Plus Controllers


Strategy Guides

Pokemon Crystal

Pokemon Ruby / Sapphire

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D – You should play this game.

Epic Mickey 2


Commodore 64 Computer Complete



Ace Of Aces

Legacy of the Ancients

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Pool of Radiance


Playstation 2 Model 1 screen attachment


The Avengers Gaming Chair


Halo 4 Xbox 360 controller


Sega Saturn

Alone in the Dark


Jurassic Park The Lost World


Grid Runner

The Mansion of Hidden Souls


And Castlevania III The Alien Wars for the SNES came in, but I forgot to take a picture.


1 Year Anniversary Coming Up + Pokemon Yellow GBC Vidpro Card (Never Released) – Pokemon Yellow CIB – Secret of Evermore CIB

I can’t believe it’s nearly been a year since we’ve opened our doors. And to celebrate, we will have 50 gift bags to give away on November 30 & December 1st (Saturday & Sunday). No purchase necessary for a gift bag, just show up and say hi. (Saying ‘hi’ is optional. Complete silence is also be acceptable.) We’ll be giving away games, arts & crafts, posters, store displays, maybe a console or two. We’ll update you in a week or so. Lastly, we will be open early for Black Friday and have specials from 9am – 11am. We don’t know what kind of specials, yet. (We sort of forgot about Black Friday.) Sometime over the next week we will update you on the sale. Now, on to the goodness.


Pokemon Special Pikachu Edition Game Boy Color Vidpro display card. This game was never released as a GBC cartridge. The game was packaged with the yellow special edition Game Boy Color system, but it was the original Game Boy cartridge. Vidpro cards were shipped out in bulk, sometimes well before a game was released, so there would be a few Vidpro cards with either different box art, or a card for a game that ended up never being released. The hologram Game Boy Color logo and the white ESRB icon means this card was either shipped out before GBC games had even come out, or it was shipped during the first print of the Game Boy Color.


Pokemon Yellow

Pokemon Trading Card Game

Mario Kart 64


Black GBA SP – We also have a silver sp, I’m cleaning it right now.

Mario & Luigi Dream Team 3DS

Final Fantasy Theatrhythm – 3DS

A whole lot of Nintendo DS games came in. The ones in the picture are only about half.


Secret of Evermore

Duke Nukem 64


Kingdom Hears RE. Chain of Memories

Shadow of Destiny


Nintendo Gamecube

Zatch Bell Mamodo Fury

Tube Slider


Halo 2 Limited Collectors’ Edition

Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack

Beyond Good and Evil


Gears of War 2 Special Edition


Pac Man card game


Majora’s Mask Collectors’ Edition CIB – Pokemon Y – Donkey Kong SNES Console – Hundreds of retro Vidpro cards

Sorry, for the delay, but it took a long time to sort through all of these awesome Vidpro display cards. These were used at Toys R Us back in the day. (Phatty tells me that it’s okay to use the term ‘back in the day’ if you were actually there.) Toys R Us didn’t have the actual video games out on display, instead they used these display cards. And under the cards were slips of paper that you’d take to the cashier, who would then send you to a window to pick up the game. As a kid, that window looked like the door to Narnia. One of the great things about these cards is the fact that only Vidpro made them. So the nostalgia I get from having seen these cards at my local Toys R Us, is the same as someone who grew up in another part of the country. I could go on and on about these Vidpro display cards, but there are a couple shelves that need to be put back up.






Just so retro awesome.


Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask Collectors’ Edition

Super Mario 64

Super Smash Bros was bought about 5 minutes ago.


Nintendo 3DS

Pokemon Y

Mario Kart 7

Animal Crossing

Pokemon Diamond – DS


Exclusive Club Nintendo Legend of Zelda feather stylus


Nintendo Wii U


Super NES Donkey Kong Set


Sword of Mana store display